Manchester City 4-1 Sunderland (26.12.2015) Live Commentary

According to statistics, the match was pretty entertaining. There were plenty of thrilling moments. The home team had more of the game. The home side attempted to hold onto the ball for as long as possible. The away team’s main weapon were fast counter-attacks.
That’s all for today because the game is over.
Some great controlled play and passing in the middle of the pitch from Manchester City.
Fourth official shows 3 min. of added time.
This corner is not going into the box. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) decides to take it with a short pass.
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) races towards goal but the defender gets back well to make a challenge. Manchester City have been awarded a corner kick. The main referee and one of the assistants point at the corner flag.
Sebastian Coates (Sunderland) creates himself some space around the penalty spot and connects with the free kick. His accurate header would have probably ended under the bar, but Joe Hart pulls off a decent save and thwarts his effort.
Martin Demichelis (Manchester City) commits a rough foul. Anthony Taylor stops the game and makes a call. Sunderland get a free kick.
The current number of shots on goal is 9:3.
Wilfried Bony (Manchester City) latches on to a precise pass and finds himself one-on-one with the keeper, fires a low shot towards the right side of the net, but Vito Mannone leaps like a salmon to deny his attempt.
Duncan Watmore (Sunderland) is adjudged offside.
Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) is forced to stop his attacking move after the linesman signals for offside.
Close! Wilfried Bony (Manchester City) is a whisker away from finishing-off the move he started. His close-range effort flies just over the bar.
That was a nice football moment. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) receives an amazing defence-splitting low pass on the edge of the box and blasts the ball towards the goal, aiming to the right post. Vito Mannone (Sunderland) guessed his intentions and dives superbly to deny his effort with a remarkable save!
John O’Shea (Sunderland) is able to continue to play.
Lee Cattermole (Sunderland) is obviously not following the Golden Rule: „Treat others as you want to be treated.“ He makes a bad challenge, and Anthony Taylor is left with no other option than to blow for a foul.
John O’Shea (Sunderland) is being forced to leave the pitch in order to receive medical treatment and his team will play with a man short for a few minutes.
David Silva (Manchester City) creates himself a good chance and goes for goal from mid-range, but he misses the left post by a whisker.
Jordi Gomez (Sunderland) reacts well and displays good awareness near the penalty spot to get on the end of a cross from the free kick. He jumps high and produces a header which goes well over the crossbar.
Eliaquim Mangala (Manchester City) gives away foul for a clumsy challenge. Referee Anthony Taylor saw the whole situation. A free kick to Sunderland. It’s in no position to be converted into a direct shot on goal.
Here is a change. Danny Graham is going off and Samuel Allardyce gives the last tactical orders to Duncan Watmore (Sunderland).
Problems for Manuel Pellegrini as Vincent Kompany is not able to play anymore. His injury is too serious and Martin Demichelis (Manchester City) replaces him.
Wilfried Bony (Manchester City) threw the penalty kick away.
Wilfried Bony (Manchester City) will take the responsibility and he is already preparing the ball.
Sebastian Coates (Sunderland) brings his opponent down. Anthony Taylor has a clear vision and blows his whistle for a foul. PENALTY! One of the players from Manchester City is about to take a penalty kick.
Manchester City are on the ball. They increase their possession, but one of the opposition players stopped their effort.
Bacary Sagna (Manchester City) tries to send a pass but it’s blocked.
Aleksandar Kolarov (Manchester City) floats the ball in from the corner which is intercepted.
Fabian Delph (Manchester City) finds himself in a promising position after receiving a beautiful cross from aside, but the opponent’s defence is ready and averts the threat with a quick interception. The ball goes out-of-play. Manchester City are awarded a corner kick.
The referee signals a substitution. Jeremain Lens (Sunderland) is brought on as a substitute for Steven Fletcher.
Manuel Pellegrini decides to make a substitution. Yaya Toure is going off the pitch and Fabian Delph (Manchester City) is coming on.
Substitution. Nicolas Hernan Otamendi walks off the pitch and Vincent Kompany (Manchester City) comes on as a substitute.
Goal! Fabio Borini (Sunderland) was in the right place at the right time to get to the rebound inside the box, and he fires the ball low inside the left post. It is 4:1.
Fabio Borini (Sunderland) darts into the penalty area to latch on to a pass, and he unleashes a low shot in the direction of the left post. Joe Hart is alert and denies his effort with a nice save.
Adam Johnson (Sunderland) takes the corner and sends it into the penalty area, but the opposition’s defence is ready and makes a good clearance.
Billy Jones (Sunderland) can’t slip the ball through and the move breaks down. Sunderland force a corner. Their opponent will face another attacking threat.
Yann M’Vila goes off the pitch and Lee Cattermole (Sunderland) comes on.
Goal! Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) pounced on a loose ball inside the penalty area, and beats the goalkeeper with a shot into the bottom right corner. He makes it 4:0.
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) sends a quick through ball into space for his teammate, who is lurking on the offside border, but one of the defenders intercepts and clears the danger.
Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) came with a sweet piledriver. He controlled a pass, glanced at the goal and fired from the edge of the box. It could have been a difficult one for the keeper, but he only hit one of the defenders off whom the ball bounced away.
The ball is whipped in from the corner by David Silva (Manchester City), but one of the defenders gets it clear.
David Silva (Manchester City) produces a solo run, but he fails to create a chance as the opposition player cuts him out. Manchester City forced their opponent to concede a corner.
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) once again attempts to send a defence-splitting pass, but the opposition’s defence is alert and intercepts the ball.
David Silva (Manchester City) puts a cross into the box from the corner but there is no panic for the oppositon as they easily clear.
David Silva (Manchester City) latches on to a precise pass and one-on-one with the keeper slams the ball towards the left-hand post. Vito Mannone is alert, though, and leaps like a salmon to deny his attempt. Manchester City get a chance to score from a corner kick.
Wilfried Bony (Manchester City) is offside and the linesman raises his flag.
The players are back out on the pitch following the half-time break and the second half is about to start.
It’s a wonderful experience for every football lover to behold this hugely entertaining encounter. The players are showing their best, making the game very attractive. It was a fairly one-sided opening 45 minutes. Manchester City have shown no fear going forward and are much better so far. The tactic of the home side is slow build-up play and the away side is creating their opportunities using lightning-fast counter-attacks.
The match has reached half-time.
Wilfried Bony (Manchester City) collects a pass inside the box, and he unleashes a shot which is brilliantly blocked by a defender. Manchester City get a corner.
We will have 1 min. of added time.
A cross going into the box finds the head of Steven Fletcher (Sunderland) who steers it goalwards, but Joe Hart (Manchester City) manages to pull off a decent save and thwarts the effort.
No, even this won’t be a goal. A clever deflection by Eliaquim Mangala (Manchester City), the ball changed its direction, but the goalkeeper made a crucial save.
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) looks like he will be the one to take the corner kick.
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) sends a pass into the box, but his attempt is thwarted and cleared. The ball is out-of-play, and the assistant referee points at the corner flag. Manchester City will take it.
GOAL DISALLOWED! Controversy and anger as Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) has a goal ruled out, incredibly, for offside.
Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) fails to send a pass into the box. His effort is cut out.
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) slaloms his way past challenges, but an opposing player does well to get the ball away.
Eliaquim Mangala (Manchester City) pulls the jersey of one of the opposition players, and Anthony Taylor blows his whistle for a foul. A free kick to Sunderland. They can move closer towards the goal.
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) swings a cross into the box, but is far too close to Vito Mannone, who smothers the ball.
Nice individual effort by Raheem Sterling (Manchester City). He gets all the way to the goalkeeper to produce a low drive to the middle of the goal, but Vito Mannone (Sunderland) does a good job to anticipate the direction of the ball and keeps it out with his save.
The game is interrupted. Billy Jones (Sunderland) is given a yellow card. He has to be more careful now.
Joe Hart pulls off a great save to deny Fabio Borini (Sunderland) after receiving a precise defence-splitting pass. The effort is headed for the left side of the goal, but the goalkeeper dives superbly to stop it. Definitely the best save of this match so far!
Bacary Sagna (Manchester City) should calm his temper, this was too much! He robbed the opponent of the ball, but Anthony Taylor calls for a foul.
David Silva (Manchester City) jinks his way past two defending players and from the edge of the box has an effort which goes just wide of the right post.
What a big chance! Steven Fletcher (Sunderland) picks up an inch-perfect pass inside the box and skies the ball out of the pitch.
Yaya Toure (Manchester City) receives a pass and tries his luck with a shot from 25 metres out. The effort, which is aimed towards the right side of the goal, is denied by Vito Mannone (Sunderland) who pulls off a decent save.
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) gets on the end of a pass on the edge of the box and has a shot blocked.
It looks like Nicolas Hernan Otamendi (Manchester City) was seeing red according to his tackle. Anthony Taylor won’t tolerate such behaviour on the pitch and blows for a foul.
What an opportunity! Eliaquim Mangala (Manchester City) wins the ball from the resulting set piece and unleashes a precise shot from inside the goal area which sails narrowly wide of the left post!
Billy Jones (Sunderland) is penalised. He knocks an opponent down. A free kick is given to Manchester City.
The ball is cleared after Wilfried Bony (Manchester City) attempted to dribble past an opposing player.
Perfectly taken free kick! Kevin De Bruyne sends the ball in, Wilfried Bony (Manchester City) manages to jump highest near the penalty spot and plants a cracking header which ends low inside the right post. It’s 3:0.
Yann M’Vila (Sunderland) is penalised for tripping, a poor challenge. Anthony Taylor, blowing his whistle for a foul, makes it clear he won’t tolerate such behaviour.
Fabio Borini clips a neat ball into the box in the direction of Danny Graham (Sunderland), whose header from the centre of the box goes by a whisker wide of the right post.
It looks like a long-range shot, unleashed by Yann M’Vila (Sunderland), would end up inside the net, but the effort goes painfully wide of the left post. The goalkeeper was quite lucky this time.
A wonderful pass found its target. Yaya Toure (Manchester City) received it well and fired on goal from about 20 metres out. He did really well, sending the ball past the goalkeeper into the bottom right corner.
Aleksandar Kolarov (Manchester City) didn’t find any of his teammates inside the box as his pass was blocked. The ball has crossed the sideline. Manchester City are taking a throw-in.
David Silva (Manchester City) sends a through ball but it’s too strong and keeper Vito Mannone (Sunderland) comes off his line to intercept.
Goal! Kevin De Bruyne clips a neat ball into the box in the direction of Raheem Sterling (Manchester City), who jumps highest and steers a bullet header from from the centre of the box which goes into the left side of the goal. Vito Mannone had no chance of stopping that. 1:0.
Patrick van Aanholt (Sunderland) attempts to find his teammate with a pass from outside the box, but the opposition’s defence is quick to react and thwarts the attack.
Steven Fletcher (Sunderland) received a clever through ball which could have put him in a promising position, but the defence was alert to the danger.
Fabio Borini (Sunderland) sends a cross into the box, but the opposition’s defence quickly intercepts the ball.
The game is interrupted because of a yellow card that is shown to Raheem Sterling (Manchester City).
Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) obviously dived.
Steven Fletcher (Sunderland) commits an ugly challenge. The referee sees it and immediately blows the whistle.
A pass by Patrick van Aanholt (Sunderland) ends up in no man’s land, and the attacking effort comes to an end.
An offensive foul by Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) was seen by Anthony Taylor who didn’t hesitate to blow the whistle.
Adam Johnson (Sunderland) makes an unfair challenge by holding his opponent to prevent him from getting the ball.
Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) sees an unmarked teammate and attempts to send a low pass onto him. However, one of the defenders reads the game perfectly and averts the danger.
The referee blows his whistle and we are underway.
Sunderland will kick the game off.
Anthony Taylor will accompany the players on the pitch as the main referee today.
You can have a look at the starting XIs of both teams in the details of this match.
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