Barnsley vs Dinamo Bucuresti – Football friendlies

Multescu’s students will play Thursday night starting at 20:00 at the 5th match of summer training camp in England. This time against second divisional red dog will be in England, Barnsley FC, the team that had high emotions in the Championship last season about relegation, but that starts easy as betting favorite band in front of Stefan cel Mare.

Barnsley has a big disadvantage before the game, namely that players are coming fresh from vacation, free games up for more than two months since the beginning of May. It remains to be seen whether Dinamo will be able to exploit this and take advantage of the Match feet.
As said, Barnsley is a band that red dogs should fear, especially since the English have finished first above the waterline in the Championship, just one point over the place 22 point which was obtained even in the last stage . British defense is very fragile, they collected 70 goals in 46 league matches.

Dinamo on the other hand wants to make people forget last season, and so far has not done bad in training camp in the UK. Danciulescu and the company met four opponents, three of them from the lower leagues, both in Scotland and in England. Specifically, Dinamo went into the first game of Livingston (second league Scotland) 3-0, then drew with Oldham (third division in England), 2-2, and later to draw with Ayr ( Scottish third division) 1-1. The last match of dogs before this game was at the Hearts team Scottish Premier League, won 5-1 by the Romans, being also among the scorers newcomer J. Thomas.